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1. What is Freegal?
2. How do I access Freegal?
3. How does Freegal Music work?
4. How do I search Freegal?
5. How do I download a song?
6. Can a song be played on portable devices?
7. Does Freegal have an app?
8. Why won’t my iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch store Freegal music downloads in iTunes?
9. How can I transfer my songs to iTunes?
10. Why does the counter say I’ve downloaded 3 songs when I’m sure I haven’t?
11. I’ve downloaded a song, but can’t find it on my computer. What happened?
12. Nothing happens when I click on the play arrow to listen to the song sample?
13. Why am I getting an error message?
14. I log in to Freegal, accept the terms and conditions, and then I’m taken to the About Us page or given a notice that I’m not authorized to view the site. What happened?
15. My song partially downloaded or only the first few seconds of my song plays, what can I do?