Neighborhood Tree Canopy

Radford is a proud member of Tree City USA. This affiliation confirms the City of Radford's commitment to sound urban forestry management. The Tree City USA designation is sponsored by the National Arbor Day Foundation and uses standards set by the National Association of State Foresters.
Figure 1 - The above map shows Tree Canopy in green and the various subdivisions in red. Click the magnifying glass to enter you address. (For full screen webmap please click here)

Radford's subdivisions and neighborhoods are listed below in order of most tree cover to least.

Canopy Cover by Neighborhood

Subdivision Percent of Subdivision covered by Tree Canopy
College Park 80%
Hickory Hills 76%
Cumberlea 70%
Lovely Mount 60%
Haven Heights 54%
High Meadows 53%
Ridgefield 49%
Woodland Heights 43%
East River Side 42%
Inglewood 40%
New Town 37%
Summit Improvement 35%
Woodlawn 31%
Summit Ridge 31%
Forest Park 31%
Radford Village 28%
Greenhill Apartments 25%
West End 25%
Yingling 24%
Ridgewood 24%
Willow Woods 23%
Cedar Ridge 19%
Monroe Terrace 18%
Simpkins Village 18%
Highland Hills 18%
Light Side 17%
Wilson Heights 16%
Estes Trailer Park 16%
Sunset Village 15%
Rustic Village 13%
Fairgrounds 12%
Dark Side 11%
Heather Glen 11%
Smithfield 11%
Radford University 9%
Sutherland Manor 8%
West Side Crossing 4%