The New River

Flowing 320 miles through North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia, the New River is a true recreation destination for all outdoor lovers. As the only city in Virginia located directly on the river, Radford offers unparalleled access to the water at a number of different sites.

Boat Launches
Boat launches are available just off exit 105, at Riverview Park, Dudley’s Landing, and near Radford University. Canoes, kayaks and inner tubes can also be easily dropped in the water at various points in Bisset Park, which extends more than 90 acres right on the banks of the New.
Wade fishing is also extremely popular off the banks of Bisset Park near the Route 11 bridge that spans high above the New River. Whether its small mouth bass or giant muskie, the fish are almost always biting. In fact, Radford’s stretch of the New River has been the site of many state-record breaking catches in recent years.

Birding & Wildlife Trail
There are 3 stops on Virginia’s Birding and Wildlife Trail that can also be found on Radford’s portion of the New River, including gaining unique views by boating, kayaking, or floating along the water.

Views of the New, along with all the wildlife that call it home, can be also enjoyed from the Riverway Trail that runs alongside the water for 1.7 miles of its course. T

he Riverway will also lead you into the densely-wooded Wildwood Park, where a stream known as Connelly’s Run trickles toward the New River. An extension of the Trail just for walkers and joggers also runs along the length of Bisset Park.

Regardless of the path you take, the constant sound of water and breathtaking changes of scenery offer a tranquil setting for walkers, joggers, and bikers alike.