A History of the Radford Sheriff's Office


The Town of Radford incorporated as an independent city in 1885. With this change in status, Judge G.E. Cassel of the Hustings Court of the City of Radford appointed J.H. Fisher as Radford’s first City Sergeant. The only other record of a City Sergeant was Harry S. Mundy, who served as City Sergeant until his death in December 1950. Mr. Mundy’s daughter Elizabeth Mundy Graham still resides in Radford today.

Sheriff Appointments

Fred M. Cox

In 1950 the Judges of the 27th Circuit Court appointed Mr. Fred M. Cox as the City Sergeant. The Code of Virginia was amended in July 1971 and the Office of City Sergeant was changed to the Office of the Sheriff. Mr. Cox served as Sheriff until he retired in early 1976. Sheriff Cox died in 1984 and is buried here in Radford.

Bobby Farmer

In 1976 the Judges of the 27th Circuit Court appointed Mr. Bobby Farmer as the Sheriff. Sheriff Farmer served as Radford City Sheriff until he retired in 1999. Sheriff Farmer still resides in Radford and is still active in the community.

Allen J. Taylor

In 1999 the Judges of the 27th Circuit Court appointed Mr. Allen J. Taylor as the Sheriff. Sheriff Taylor was duly elected to office in November 2000. Sheriff Taylor served as Sheriff until he retired in January 2004.

Terry W. Alley

In 2004 the Judges of the 27th Circuit Court appointed Mr. Terry W. Alley as the interim Sheriff until an election could be held In November 2004.

Mark R. Armentrout

Mr. Mark R. Armentrout was duly elected by the citizens of Radford as Sheriff in November 2004. Sheriff Armentrout was reelected in 2005, 2009, 2013, 2017 and again in 2021.

Sheriff's Office Location

The old location of the Sheriff’s Office and Radford City Jail was 601 W. Main Street, which then housed the Radford City Police Department until their new facility was completed in 2011. The old office had a 20 man jail, a kitchen, a laundry facility, a recreation area, and office space for the Sheriff and 18 deputies.  

New, Modern Sheriff's Office

In 1999 the New River Valley Regional Jail Authority was formed and a new regional jail was built. The old Sheriff’s Office and jail were closed and a new facility was built. The modern Sheriff’s Office is located at 619 2nd Street in the Radford Municipal Building. The Sheriff’s Office now consists of the Sheriff, 5 full time deputies, 1 part time deputy and 1 civilian administrative specialist, who also serves as the accreditation manager.