School Resource Officers

Radford City Police provides safe and secure learning environments by providing School Resource Officers (SRO) for the school system. Master Police Officer (MPO) Hendricks, a 26-year veteran patrol officer has served as the SRO for Radford High School and McHarg Elementary for several years. His counterpart, Senior Police Officer Beasley, a 6-year veteran patrol officer has served as SRO for Dalton Intermediate and Belle Heth Elementary since January 2011.
School Resource Officer Police Car
Both are trained as General Instructors and maintain other specialized certifications required for law enforcement officers. As SROs, they are an invaluable resource to the children, administration, faculty and parents.

The responsibilities of the SROs are to monitor interior halls and exteriors of school grounds and properties. This is accomplished by walking the halls and grounds of the facilities and monitoring camera systems that are in place for safety and security purposes. MPO Hendricks and SPO Beasley continually interact with children and staff alike throughout the school day. They assist the school administration in solving problems that arise in the areas of truancy, behavioral issues and are available as an alternative confidante when a child just needs someone to talk to.

Primary functions for the SROs are to instruct blocks of education awareness called Virginia Rules formerly Class Action Programs. This is a pro-active program which instructs children in the areas of law enforcement and individual responsibility. The student learns about various laws that are of particular interest to their age group and are instructed in what their individual responsibilities are and the consequences involved for them and their parents if they are found in a situation where they have broken a law.