The Records Manager is responsible for maintaining all records held within the Department. This includes case files, accident reports, arrest records, fingerprint cards, along with all the other documentation necessary for law enforcement.
All records are kept for a period of time as set forth by the General Schedule of Virginia and then destroyed according to law. The schedule can be found at the Library of Virginia’s website.
Virginia Association of Government Archives and Records Administrators
Records Bureau Sonia Ramsey Working at Desk
Virginia Freedom of Information Act
All Virginia Freedom of Information Act requests are answered by Records. These include requests for accident reports, reports related to acts of crime (such as assaults, larcenies, vandalism, etc.), and background checks. Radford City Police Department follows the laws set forth by the Virginia Freedom of Information Act, which can be viewed here.

To request a report pertaining to a crime or an accident report, please print off the request form (PDF) and mail it to or bring it into the department.