Your Bill

Why Bills Vary
Your cost for utility service may vary for many reasons. Usage can vary with season changes. For example, electric usage normally is higher in the warm summer months and the cold winter months. Water usage may be higher in spring and summer when we are washing our cars and watering our lawns and gardens. Also, an additional person in the household or the addition of new appliances can increase your bill.

Complaint Procedure
If you have questions about the charges on your bill, call the Billing and Service office. Your meter can be reread if you feel the charges are incorrect. You will be contacted with those results.

If the electric readings are correct and the customer still questions the charges, we can request that the Electric Department do an accuracy test on the meter. An accuracy test can only be done once in a 12 month period and there is a $25 charge to the customer which is added to the next utility bill. After the test is completed, the customer will receive a letter explaining the results.

If the water charges are in question, a flow finder test will be ordered to determine if the customer has a leak that is resulting in high water usage.