Transferring Service

Transferring Service / Changing Mailing Address

When moving from one place to another you must complete a new application for the new address. If only the mailing address needs to be changed, contact our office at 540-731-3602 option 2. If closing your utility account, please contact us with the ending date and forwarding address for the final bill and/or deposit refund.

If you are living in a residence with roommates and the roommate whose name is on the utility account moves out, you or one of those remaining will need to complete an application and pay the required deposit.

Transfer / Connect Fee

Anytime a utility account changes names the new customer will be charged a transfer/connect fee. This fee will be $15 for electric service and $15 for water service. This charge will be reflected on the first utility bill.


Deposit for residential electric is $200 and residential water is $50. Residential deposits are refunded with interest after 2 years of paying on time and without penalty. If service is discontinued before being refunded, the deposit pays the final bill and the customer receives the difference.

Please contact our office for required deposit amounts and refund policy for small, medium and large general services. Deposit can be waived with receipt of a satisfactory letter of credit from a previous or current utility provider.