Utility Billing

The Utility Billing Division includes customer service and billing for electric, water, waste water, and garbage collection. 

1.  Fill out the utility application completely. All signatures must be original, computer generated signatures will not be accepted.  
2.  Send us a copy of your driver's license along with the completed application per the list below.
     a.  Scan or take a picture with your phone and email to radford.ub@radfordva.gov.
     b.  Make a photo copy of your ID and return with your application and letter of credit by
          fax to 540-731-3689 or by mailing it to 619 2nd Street Room 158,
          Radford, VA 24141.
     c.  Place application form, deposit payment if required and copy of driver's license in
          the Treasurer's office drop box located in the Municipal Building parking lot.
3.  To pay the deposit, if required, use one of the following options:
     a. Pay online at www.radfordva.gov by selecting online payments then utility deposit.
         You will need your Customer ID and Account number which we will provide to you
         once you have completed the application process.
     b.  Mail your deposit along with your completed application and copy of your picture ID.  

Starting / Ending Services

To establish new service, terminate an existing service, or for assistance please contact us at 540-731-3602 option 2.  If you need to terminate your service you must contact our office and provide a forwarding address or services will remain in your name.
All customers must complete an application (Utility Application) and present a picture ID for proof of identification.  The application cannot be completed online.  You can submit the application by mail to Billing & Service at 619 2nd Street Room 158, Radford VA 24141, by email at  radford.ub@radfordva.gov , by fax at 540-731-3689 or by coming to the office.  


A deposit of $200 for Residential Electric Service and/or a deposit of $50 for Residential Water Service, or an acceptable letter of credit from a previous utility provider will be required. If you wish to pay your deposit online you must first submit a notarized copy of your application to our office.  A Customer Service Representative will give you your Customer Identification number (CID) and Account number and then you can pay your deposit online at https://payradfordva.com/utilityDeposits.html#/