One of the cornerstones of Sheriff Armentrout’s mission philosophy is community.

He has instituted several programs that focus on making Radford a better community in which to live and do business.
  1. D.A.R.E

    Sheriff Armentrout believes that the D.A.R.E. program has a positive influence on our children at a critical point in their development.

  2. Focus on Business

    In today’s economic times it is critical to build efficient working relationships, cut down on red tape, and stay in touch with your community, business partners, and government.

  3. Good Morning Radford

    Sheriff Armentrout created the Good Morning Radford program to brighten Radford senior citizens' day, while also ensuring their well-being.

  4. Project Lifesaver

    The Sheriff’s Office, the Police Department and the Fire Department have joined forces to bring Project Lifesaver to Radford in an effort to assist families who are managing the care of a loved who suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease, Down Syndrome, Autism or other mental disorders.

  5. School Safety

    School safety is a top priority on the Radford Sheriff's Office.

  6. TRIAD

    The goal of TRIAD is to reduce the fear of crime and victimization among seniors by increasing awareness of scams and frauds targeting them, strengthening communication between the law enforcement and senior communities, and educating seniors on local and state resources that are available in their community.

Sheriff Armentrout Talking to Man in Green Shirt
Sheriff Armentrout at Sherwin-Williams