Building Permits

Building Permit Process
  1. Determine zoning classification from Zoning Administrator
  2. Submit site plan to zoning administrator
  3. Evaluation of plan by developer, architect, engineer
  4. Approval issued for final or temporary plan to developer
Building Permit Application
Application for a building permit must be made at 10 Robertson Street, in person, or by mail. Information needed is as follows:
  1. Owner’s name
  2. Owner’s address
  3. Owner’s phone number
  4. Site address
  5. Contractor’s name, address, and phone number
  6. Description of work
  7. Total amount spent for construction
At the time of application for new construction, a signature sheet will be sent to the zoning office to verify all zoning regulations, the City Engineer’s office to verify the address and all work concerning public access, drainage and erosion control, then, to the Water/Wastewater Department, where all regulations concerning public utilities are addressed. Depending on the type of construction, a set of plans may be required. After the signature sheet is returned to the Building Official’s office, a building permit may be issued.